Hotels with History

In 1924, the Ruth Gordon family built Charlie Chaplin a set of private bungalows as a countryside escape. In 2008, the property opened as The Charlie in what’s now West Hollywood. Although no one knows for sure which old Hollywood stars absconded to the hideaway, hotelier Menachem Treivush made the most of the rumors by naming many of the 14 English cottages after whispered guests: Marilyn (Monroe), Gloria (Swanson) and Marlene (Dietrich) included. Still, the big draw is the duplex named Charlie, which retains a touch of the Little Tramp: Canes decorate the living-room wall, and anyone taller than five-foot-five will need to duck through the original door, which the diminutive star is said to have had custom built so that guests would have to bow to enter.