Are you ready to set out on a quirky adventure? Stay at what was formerly Charlie Chaplin’s whimsical hideaway, slumber inside of an orb in the middle of the Canadian Rainforest, hang out under the stars in a funky airstream, venture over the bay to stay on an island, or live like a King in a historical castle? Get ready for a dreamy experience you will never forget.

Previously owned by Charlie Chaplin, this hotel rich with celebrity history, is a collection of private bungalows. As you walk through the classic metal gates, English garden landscaping surrounds the path. They feature a fountain and communal fireplace. The relaxing atmosphere makes it a perfect city getaway; it feels more like a small village hidden in modern West Hollywood. No wonder celebrities have been using these cottages as an escape since 1924. Many Hollywood icons, from Marilyn Monroe to Robert Pattinson, have been guests over the years.